Wherever the Wind Blows

Welcome aboard Ankyrios!

Hello friends and welcome to our ministry page! We’re a family of 7 aboard a 38′ catamaran sailing wherever the “wind” blows. The Greek word for wind is pneuma – which is also the same Greek word used for Holy Spirit in the New Testament of the Bible. So, we’re not only sailing where the wind blows, we’re sailing to where the Holy Spirit is leading us.

We named our sailboat Ankyrios. It’s really just a word we made up but it has great meaning to us. It’s from two Greek words, ankura, translated as anchor, and kyrios, which means Lord. Therefore, we are anchored in the Lord – Ankyrios. 

Please join us on our adventure wherever God leads us to serve.

The Kellys
Sporting our Transformados ministry shirts after our time
working with them in La Paz, BCS, Mexico 2018
At the end of a daysail with missionaries in the Sea of Cortez 2019
After church where Dennis preached in Loreto, BCS, Mexico 2017
“Class Picture” 2016
(Everyone has a snorkeling class, right?)

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