Wherever the Wind Blows

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua is a beautiful place. The local people are so genuine. I became friends with a woman named Brenda that sells bracelets and other souvenirs. We’ve talked many times in the last few weeks. Last night she hugged me and said she was sad I was leaving. Those that we met at the church are so sweet and kind. We ran into two in town yesterday and they were genuinely happy to see us. I was excited that we held our own in our Spanish conversation! I love the culture of hugs and kisses on the cheek. We’re all hot, sweaty, but everyone hugs each other anyways. There are many wonderful expats here too (mostly Canadians) and we’ve loved getting to know so many. We’ve enjoyed spending time with the pastor and his family, encouraging them in their challenging ministry to young men with addiction problems. Dennis was able to help out preaching a couple of times. Last week Dennis rescued two kids from the water that swam out too far while chasing a soccer ball. God planned all along for us to stop here, and we are thankful. We’ll miss this place and its people, but it’s time to head to Costa Rica and get this engine fixed. We’re currently planning to head back north towards Mexico after the repairs and hoping to stop here again.
One of my favorite things here is this statue of Jesus Christ above the bay, Cristo de La Misericordia, Christ of Mercy. The statue has served as my point of reference many nights when the wind picks up. By looking towards Jesus, I knew we were staying in place. Our anchor was holding.
Shouldn’t it always be that way in our lives? We look towards Jesus. He is unmovable. He should be our focal point. We know if we’re living right based on where we are in relation to Jesus. Have we moved away from Him? He’s always there, waiting for us to turn towards Him. His arms are open. Jesus is merciful. Jesus en ti confío. Jesus, I trust in you.


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