We’re just beginning our tenth year of “homeschooling,” but since we’re on a boat, “boatschooling” seems like a more appropriate term. Here’s a little info to answer a few common questions.

Some of our current curriculum includes:

Singapore Math

A Reason for Handwriting

Sonlight for Literature and History

Spelling Power

God’s Design for Science (from Answers in Genesis)

Biology 101 (Answers in Genesis)

Operation World

Spanish and other languages through Duolingo. We actually had to set boundaries on their language studies. They are required to study a certain number of Spanish lessons first before they can work on a language of their choice in their free time. French, Japanese, Italian and Irish (and a little German) are all in use on the boat. Some days can actually get pretty confusing!

and a few other subjects/interests, such as art, AWANA, writing, and Junior Ranger books from National Parks.

We also enjoy “worldschooling” – studying about where we are, where we’re going, what’s going on around us, and what the kids are interested in.